Cellulite: false truths

There are countless false truths about cellulite and this often makes it difficult to understand the strategies to follow that are the most effective in combating it. Cellulite affects practically every woman, even very young ones, yet there are substantial individual differences in terms of extent and gravity.

To better understand how to tackle it and thus on which simple, yet effective, aspects to focus, it is important, first and foremost, to really understand what cellulite is.

Condition or a simple imperfection?

Cellulite is an inflammatory disease, that affects the subcutaneous adipose panniculus, both at the fat cell level and at the connective tissue level, i.e. the “mesh” that keeps these cells in order. It is distinguished by problems with the micro-circulation, water retention and fat accumulation, which cause the nodules and dimples to form. This leads to the appearance of imperfections, such as orange peel skin, which is typical of cellulite. Thus cellulite, its scientific name is oedematous fibrosclerotic panniculopathy, is a real condition that also has aesthetic consequences, namely imperfections that are more or less evident depending on the severity.

The causes of cellulite

Cellulite is a multi-factorial condition, thus is does not have one single cause, but rather depends of genetic, hormonal and behavioural factors. This can lead to confusion and a lot of wrong beliefs.

Let’s look at the 10 most common false truths about cellulite:


  1. Thin women do not have cellulite. FALSE

Even though it affects subcutaneous fat, cellulite is no mere accumulation of fat, but rather is caused by problems with the micro-circulation. In fact, even thin women can suffer from cellulite and it is not sufficient for overweight women to lose weight to improve the situation. In particular, losing too much weight too quickly should be avoided, as this leads to loss of skin tone, which worsens the imperfections.


  1. Men do not get cellulite. FALSE

Undoubtedly it is rarer in men, but they can also suffer from cellulite. Generally speaking, men usually accumulate adipose tissue on their abdomens and, indeed, cellulite affects this area in particular.


  1. Cellulite is all down to genetics. FALSE

Genetic predisposition is indeed a predisposing factor, but it is not a determining one. Even if you know that people in your family suffer from cellulite, you don’t have to give in to your genetics. Quite the contrary! A predisposition to cellulite should motivate even the youngest of women to adopt healthy habits to prevent it and slow its progression. Harmful vices, such as smoking, should be avoided and a healthy lifestyle based on proper nutrition and regular, moderate exercise should be favoured.


  1. Cellulite appears after the age of 40. FALSE

Cellulite is typical of women who are of fertile age and can appear even in very young women, so much so that one in three teenagers already display these imperfections.

Hormones, oestrogen especially, play a crucial part in predisposing the formation of cellulite and circulation problems along with it. Deciding to tackle cellulite while it is still at an early stage undoubtedly increases the likelihood of the treatment being successful.


  1. The contraceptive pill gives you cellulite. FALSE

The cause of the problem of cellulite is wrongly attributed by the user

to the contraceptive pill and not their lack of attention to a healthy and active

lifestyle. However, there is a wide range of choices available to find the contraceptive that

meets your needs, with extremely low doses of hormones that do not damage your figure.  


  1. You cannot get rid of cellulite

Cellulite, as we have said, has various stages of severity and the more advanced it is, the more difficult it is to get rid of it. There are specific products depending on the degree of evolution of the condition and the sooner you choose to act, by constantly treating it, the more chance of success you have in tackling it.


  1. The best physical activity for combating cellulite is running

Physical activity is extremely important for the mental and physical health of everyone, but it is not enough on its own to combat cellulite. In any case, the best strategy includes combining aerobic activity (running or walking) and muscle toning exercises to improve oxygenation in the areas affected by the problem.


  1. You only need massages to combat cellulite FALSE

Massages help to improve circulation problems and thus water retention, but they are not enough on their own to get rid of cellulite. On the other hand, combining massages with regular, sustained treatment with specific products can be a successful strategy. Indeed, massages boost the effectiveness of the active ingredients contained in the treatment.


  1. You only need a weight-loss diet to combat cellulite FALSE

Keeping our calorie intake under control is great for keeping us in shape, but under control does not mean drastic deprivation. A healthy and balanced diet, on the other hand, that is low in salt, and that incorporates grilled or steamed food, helps to keep fat consumption at optimal levels and preserve the precious nutrients that the food contains.


  1. All cellulite creams are the same FALSE

It is categorically untrue that all cellulite creams are the same. Depending on whether it is just slight imperfections or more advanced cellulite, the treatment actually requires specific products and regular, sustained use.

Products for combating cellulite

BioNike research has developed an effective strategy for both when the problem is limited to imperfections and when you are dealing with advanced stage cellulite.

To treat imperfections and shape the area, the slimming DEFENCE BODY REDUXCELL booster with massage applicator helps to reduce localised adipose tissue and improve the orange peel appearance that is typical of cellulite.

The topical treatment for treating cellulite (2nd - 3rd stage), on the other hand, is the DEFENCE BODY CELLULITE TREATMENT, a draining and slimming cream-gel that is a medical device formulated without iodine sources that uses heat and cold to boost the micro-circulation and encourage toxin and liquid drainage from the subcutaneous tissue.

For a combined action, BioNike also offers a mud that creates a “cold” effect on the skin, which is also free from iodine sources, as well as a plant-based dietary supplement - NUTRACEUTICAL ReduxCELL - that boosts the micro-circulation and fluid drainage, helping to combat the imperfections caused by cellulite.

Without falling into the trap of believing all the false truths, remember that cellulite is a problem that must be tackled with perseverance and patience, by combining specific products with a balanced diet and regular exercise.