Heavy hair loss: the global treatment program

Heavy hair loss is for many people a problem that does not leave indifferent, especially for aesthetic reasons.

The daily loss of a limited number of hair is completely normal, however there are factors that can favor a much more abundant fall and in fact we can talk about:

  • temporary and occasional hair loss, such as seasonal defluvium, typical of the spring and autumn period.
  • abundant and continuous hair loss, caused by alterations in the physiological cycle of the hair that last over time. It can be the beginning of forms of alopecia, from the Greek alópecs which means patchy hair loss.

Il ciclo del capello: come i capelli si rinnovano

The hair cycle is due to the alternation of periods of growth and periods of rest.

When the hair is in an active growth phase, i.e. in ANAGEN, it is strongly anchored and can only be removed by exerting a strong traction and causing slight pain.

During the resting phase, called TELOGEN, the hair is no longer growing and is also weakly anchored to the bulb: a slight traction is enough to make it fall out (exogen phase).

Usually the fall occurs during washing or combing, but the hair follicle is already ready to restart with a new cycle and to give life to a new hair.

Since the follicles work asynchronously, normally 80-90% of the hair is in the active growth phase and 10-20% in the resting phase, therefore the hair that is growing clearly prevails over those close to falling out. . All this in conditions of equilibrium, that is, with the exception of factors that can cause alteration of the normal cycle of the hair.

Cause della caduta di capelli abbondante

Among the most frequent causes of temporary and occasional hair loss we find the change of season and therefore the seasonal defluvium, typical of the spring and autumn period, in addition to low-calorie diets, childbirth and breastfeeding, periods of psycho-physical stress (work stress, hectic pace) and air pollution. In these situations, a more abundant fall from the whole head is observed, the hair has a fragile and devitalized appearance, and, unless other factors, it is a transitory situation, often self-healing.

Conversely, when factors concomitant to genetic ones, cause alteration of the physiological cycle, mainly the premature initiation of the resting phase (telogen) for numerous follicles and also thinning of the hair shaft (miniaturization), it is probably the initial phases of of alopecia. The hair loss is therefore abundant and continuous, prevalent in some areas of the head, with thinning and visibility of the scalp as well as the appearance of the hair not very voluminous because the hair that grows back thinner than normal does not have much volume.

Unlike the temporary and occasional fall, alopecia is a chronic condition, therefore constant and progressive, destined to worsen.

The nutritional aspect is of great importance, because the activity of the hair follicles can be influenced by malnutrition, both in terms of calories and protein and micronutrient deficiency. Nutritional deficiencies can affect both the quality and the growth capacity of hair.

The micronutrients to pay particular attention to, because they are more involved in hair loss, are: Iron, Zinc, Selenium, to which vitamin H or Biotin is also added.

Chronic stress, alcohol abuse, the habit of smoking are other factors that negatively affect the health of the hair, favoring oxidative stress.

There are also some daily habits that are not healthy for the health of the hair, such as not washing your hair frequently, for fear of further weakening it.

Obviously washing and combing are two actions that tend to make the hair fall out, but only those that are now weakly anchored to the follicle and therefore destined to come off anyway.

Instead, it is important to know that sweat, together with smog and sebum, further worsens the health of the follicle, favoring the production of free radicals.

La strategia di trattamento globale per la caduta dei capelli

After making the necessary corrections to your lifestyle, eliminating the most common causes of oxidative stress and improving your diet, you need to choose the right intervention strategy.

BioNike research proposes an innovative IN & OUT strategy, combining topical products with a specific dietary supplement.

It is therefore a global treatment program, which allows you to act locally on the causes of weakness and at the same time to compensate for any nutritional deficiencies.

The complete treatment program of BioNike DEFENSE KS TricoSAFE line includes:

a lotion, designed to counteract excessive hair loss and thinning problems, both female and male
a food supplement, to provide vitamins and minerals, essential for hair health and antioxidant substances to counteract oxidative stress
an anti-hair loss shampoo, which gently cleanses and restores the balance of the scalp, promoting optimal conditions to make hair stronger and more vital.

DEFENSE KS lotion contains ingredients capable of counteracting both micro-inflammation and oxidative stress, considered the two main factors of imbalance in the hair cycle.

The treatment program of BioNike's DEFENSE KS TricoSAFE line also includes a specific supplement to strengthen the effectiveness of the topical treatment. Its purpose is to compensate for any micronutrient deficiencies and to increase the cellular antioxidant potential, which is useful for counteracting oxidative stress even from the inside, in order to improve the quality of the hair.

A specially formulated shampoo completes the program. Although it does not act directly on hair growth, given the limited contact time, it is useful for maintaining the balance of the scalp. In fact, excess sebum retains dirt and smog more easily, further increasing the state of micro-inflammation and oxidative stress.