Make-up for sensitive skin: simple rules to keep it healthy

Sensitive skin is more exposed to external stresses and foundation can be a valuable tool for keeping it in tip-top shape.

Sensitive skin tends to react strongly to external stimuli and this is generally caused by changes in the skin’s barrier function, which make it more exposed to external agents and potentially irritating endogenous factors.
So, we are talking about skin with extremely fragile defences, which - more often than not - affects women.

So, when it comes to applying make-up to sensitive skin, it is crucial that we follow some basic rules to ensure that the make-up does not cause any problems, especially in regards to any ingredients it may contain or, sometimes, poor quality products.

Basic rules for applying make-up to sensitive skin

The fundamental rule is to choose specific products for sensitive and intolerant skin that are formulated with carefully selected ingredients that have been specifically and stringently controlled.

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Before moving on to the make-up, it is always a good rule of thumb to focus on a few simple steps:

  1. cleansing your skin: adding make-up on top of impurities or yesterday’s make-up may increase your risk of having a reaction. When it comes to a deep cleanse, generally rinse-off products are better. These should be selected on the basis of your skin type, such as a gentle cleansing mousse for normal and dry skin or a cleanser with sebum-normalising properties for oily or combination skin.
  2. apply a “make-up base”: this can be an anti-ageing product or even a hydrating treatment designed to strengthen your skin's natural defences against UV rays and pollution. To make your skin look more even, minimise pores and imperfections and make your make-up last longer, it can also be a good idea to apply a primer, dabbing it on with your fingertips until it has been fully absorbed.

 When applying your make-up, we recommend following the steps suggested by make-up artists: :


  1. apply concealer: use your fingers or the right brush to conceal any imperfections or hide dark eye circles by incorporating an illuminating effect
  2. then apply your foundation: use wide, circular movements from the centre of your face outwards, taking care to blend the product on the jaw area. Foundation is a truly great complement to your everyday treatment: applied all over the face - and especially if it contains protective and moisturising ingredients, that also combat UV rays - then it becomes a “shield” against pollution. Thus, this is a really useful cosmetic for all skin types, both dry and combination.
  3. finish off your face make-up: apply powder to mattify and set your make-up, bronzer for a “sunkissed” effect and/or blush for a pop of colour on your cheeks and cheekbones.


If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses, it is best to choose products that have been specially tested, i.e. products that have “ophthalmologically tested” on the packaging.

Eye make-up can be used to create different effects: 

  1. To provide greater intensity to your eyes: depending on the effect and the level of intensity you wish to achieve, you can combine the eye pencil, which is excellent if it can also be used on the inner rim of the eye and blended on the eyelids, and the various shades ofeyeshadow (light, medium, dark) 
  2. To emphasise your eyes: apply the eyeliner, drawing a thin line on the inner eyelid and a thicker one on the outer edge 
  3. To add depth to your eyes: apply mascara, choosing whether to create volume, length and curl with a  3D false-lash effect or to shape them with a lengthening and curling effect  with one application


Even when it comes to products for your lips, you can choose textures that do different things. Lipstick is the most common product, representing the make-up cosmetic par excellence. As with foundation for the face, it can be a valuable tool for keeping your lips in tip-top shape. As the skin on our lips is extremely thin, they are actually more vulnerable and often prone to dryness and cracking. Thanks to the waxes and emollient butters and oils, lipstick provides protection, as well as colour.

To enhance your mouth, apply lipstick, making sure to choose the right one for the effect you wish to create - semi-sheer or full and intense, with a velvety finish or decidedly matte look.
Applying the lipstick pencil first allows you to achieve greater precision and increase the hold of the lipstick, while
lip gloss gives it a glossy look.


Make-up brushes are always valuable tools when applying make-up, so it is important to remember to wash them at least once a month with a neutral detergent. In addition to keeping your skin healthy, this is the way to keep the bristles soft and make them last longer.

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All BioNike products from the TRIDERMDEFENCE and PROXERA lines have been formulated to reduce the risk of irritation and are suitable for sensitive skin. In fact, they are nickel tested, preservative-FREE, fragrance-FREEand gluten-FREE and have been made with stringently selected and controlled ingredients.

However, we recommend that you consult your pharmacist and/or dermatologist who will be able to give you the best advice.

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