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BioNike contributes to contrast the Coronavirus emergency

Our beloved Italy is going through a difficult metamorphosis, which makes us feel like fragile chrysalises. But within us we have the confidence and conviction that we will soon be flying again, even higher than before.

BioNike is close to doctors, pharmacists, nurses and to all Italians committed to ensuring that our country can once again unfold its wonderful wings as soon as possible.

BioNike contributes to countering the Coronavirus emergency by supporting the Italian hospitals at the forefront of the treatment of patients with CoVID-19 infection.

Sodalis Group, of which BioNike is a part, will donate to the Maggiore Hospital in Lodi, to the Maggiore Hospital in Cremona and to the Maggiore Hospital in Crema, ultrasound scanners, medical equipment and basic protective devices for the care of patients affected by CoVID-19, for a value of 100,000 euros.

In addition, the companies of the Group will donate an important supply of products of their own brands, for a value of 400,000 euros, to the medical and health personnel of 39 Italian hospitals, such as hand creams to protect and rehydrate skin weakened by the use of hydroalcoholic gels, face creams to soothe reddened skin due to the continuous use of masks, hand, body and face cleansers for proper hygiene and daily well-being.