Our commitment to a Better Future.
For our skin. For our life.

BioNike believes in Sustainable Development and is committed to shaping a Better Future.

Always striving to improve ourselves and what we do, we work hard every day to ensure well-being to our skin, as well as the communities we live in. We have decided to concentrate our efforts to foster health and beauty on producing responsible, environment-friendly, quality work, bearing in mind that everyone’s positive contribution today can make a difference for the future of our planet.

Our Sustainability and Social Responsibility policies focus on 5 main areas, in which we strive to excel and act as a positive driving engine and example in the industry: protection of the Environment, support to Women, support to Art, support to Research, development of our Communities.


We strive to constantly improve the environmental compatability of our products throughout their life cycle, with the objective of promoting an increasingly regenerative economy.

Learn more on our commitment to protecting the environment in terms of:

Bionike supports women

We strive to implement policies and practices to build a world where women find the ideal conditions to fully express their talent and show all their value on their jobs.

In our company, women account for 76% of staff and we support woman empowerment projects in our workplace and social context.

Bionike supports art

We support art in many ways, because we believe art is about emotions that yield Pure Beauty.

After sponsoring a number of art exhibitions, museums and restoration works in the past years, we are currently celebrating what is truly a “form of art in motion”, that is, the “Italian Butterflies” Rhythmic Gymnastics athletes – we are the Official Sponsor of the Italian Rhythmic Gymnastics National Team.

Bionike supports research

We have always invested in scientific research to make it our greatest strength.

Our products are the result of continuous innovation and strong research work focused on improving health and well-being of skin and carried out by our in-house Research & Development laboratory.

Bionike supports communities

We believe that long-term success in business goes along with ensuring true and long-lasting benefits to the communities we live and work in.

For this reason, we support people’s empowerment and well-being, along with the development of our social context, through training, education and awareness-building projects designed for our business partners and end users.

“BioNike” comes from the Greek Bio, meaning Life, and Nike, meaning Victory, and is a term that carries an important promise: to help to overcome hardships in people’s life and improve it.

We are resolved to keep this very important promise through our strong commitment every day and are determined to do nothing short of our best to always be one step ahead as a trusted dermocosmetic and nutraceutical company for our partners, clients and end users, thereby standing as a reference in our market.

In the belief that excellence is achieved through a process of continuous improvement, we feel it is our strong responsibility to contribute to shaping a future where the respect for the Environment, the empowerment of Women, the support to Art and the support to Research and Development are the most valuable assets our enterprise needs to be founded on.

We strongly believe that, together, we can contribute to a better future. For our Skin. For our Life.